• Sensing TVWS spectrum in London

    Sensing TVWS spectrum in London

Department of Communication Systems

The core activities of the Department of Communication Systems comprise research, development and design of next-generation telecommunication networks, technologies and services; wireless communication, embedded and sensor systems; and new procedures and algorithms for the parallel and distributed computing. Within these activities our research work includes the development of the methods and software tools for modelling, simulation, analysis and synthesis of communication systems, computer simulations supporting biomedical procedures and specialised equipment and procedures for advanced bio-signal processing and interpretation.


Research and development activities at the department are carried out in the framework of the Communication Technology Laboratory (CTL), the Parallel and Distributed Systems Laboratory (PDSL) and the Networked Embedded Systems Laboratory (NESL). The research work of the three laboratories is complementary, which is particularly reflected in the joint applied projects.

  • The research activities within the Communication Technology Laboratory are mainly concentrated on different challenges associated with the wireless access segment technologies enabling the end-users to access new multimedia services and applications. The emphasis is on the radio propagation, access architectures for heterogeneous wireless networks, management of radio and network resources and cognitive communications.
  • The Parallel and Distributed Systems Laboratory is focusing on the investigation of parallelization of algorithms and their efficient implementation on parallel and distributed computers, with the emphasis on modelling and simulating complex systems and processes in the fields of Chemistry, Biology and Medicine.
  • The Networked Embedded Systems Laboratory is focusing on the areas of the Internet of Things and cognitive communications. The emphasis is on the vertical integration of different wireless sensor and communication network technologies with semantic technologies in the support of the autonomous search and composition of sensors and sensor data, and for the provision of data gathering or complex system monitoring for different application areas, research and development projects and industrial customers.